That's Me On The Left

Cast: Gailgwynnych, JIM, Gyrnwbhie

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Gailgwynnych and JIM are stood facing each other.}
Gailgwynnych: Jim? Your name is Jim.
JIM: Yeah. I'm a Black Mage.
Gailgwynnych: A Black Mage named Jim. That's real fucking fantasy, there.

Panel 2

JIM: I'm not real good at coming up with names.
Gailgwynnych: Yeah, no shit. Thanks a lot, asshole.
JIM: I can change it!
Gailgwynnych: No, you can't. You'll be a thirtieth level Black Mage named Jim, and I'll be "That Guy Who Hangs Out With Jim."

Panel 3

{Gyrnwbhie arrives. Gailgwynnych turns around.}
Gyrnwbhie: Jim?
Gailgwynnych: Yeah, I don't know him.

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