As Seen In Modern Lair

Cast: Gabe, eBay Seller

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Panel 1

{Gabe is talking on the phone, sitting at a table with his notepad out.}
Gabe: Yeah, I saw your eBay listing for an underground missile silo? That still for sale?
Seller: It is, but know that the previous owners dug too greedily. And too deep. You might be looking at the occasional Stalagmen uprising.

Panel 2

{Full view of Gabes notepad. On it he has written "NEW OFFICE, Titan Missile Base, $1,500,000.00, Stalagmen? Below this is a doodle of a stalagman holding a spear.}
Seller: Also, Power Dome A is now the roost of a truly ancient Deep Crow.
Gabe: Deep Crows?
Seller: Yeah, you know. Deep Crows.

Panel 3

{The same view of the notepad only continued. Now he has written "DEEPCROWS!?" and drawn a doodle of a Deep Crow grasping a man in its claws.}
Gabe: I don't know Deep Crows.
Seller: Alright, well, let me break it down for you. Don't go into Power Dome A.

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