Of Crests And Cranks

Cast: George Hamilton, Kevin Ryman, David King

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Kevin is stood in between George and David. Kevin is holding a crest.}
George: I have the rooster key.
Kevin: Listen, we can't worry about that right now. We need to figure out this crest.
David: I have a crank.

Panel 2

{Kevin turns his head to look at David.}
Kevin: We're not cranking anything. Shut up about your God Damned Crank. Does anybody have a jewel? This hole is octogo. Ogiganeel. It's Octa... It's got eight sides.
David: Maybe my... Maybe my crank goes in there. It has eight...

Panel 3

{Kevin turns his head to look at George.}
Kevin: God. Dammit. You can't crank the crest. Alright? It's uncrankable.
George: I have a rooster key.
Kevin: Oh, great! If we come across any chicken doors, I'll let you know.

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