Meat Is Murder

Cast: Tycho, Gabe, Officer, Victim, Police

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Tycho and Gabe are stood facing each other. Tycho has his hands raised slightly.}
Tycho: None of my smart friends are home, so I would like to have a conversation with you about Valve, Vivendi, and the ramifications of their lawsuit on digital delivery.
Gabe: That doesn't sound good to me.
Tycho: Alright. Would you like to talk about sandwiches?
Gabe: Yes.

Panel 2

{Zoom in on Tycho and Gabe. Tycho has put his arm around Gabe's shoulder and is pointing.}
Tycho: Imagine a special fridge that could get turkey sandwiches delivered right to the crisper.
Gabe: Wow.
Tycho: Only then the grocery companies sued the fridge guys because they want you to go to the store and get your cold cuts. Now, you can get the sandwich delivered, only you can't eat it - you can't even open the door and look at it.

Panel 3

{Scene change. Officer and Police are stood either side the victim, who has an axe in his chest, with blood everywhere.}
Officer: Who would stab the manager of a Safeway a hundred and fifty times, and then steal all the deli meat?
Police: We can probably rule out vegetarians.

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