The Breaking Point

Cast: Gabe, Kara, Gabe Jr., Old Woman

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Gabe, Kara, and Gabe Jr. are trick or treating at a Neighbors door. Gabe Jr. is dressed up as a Star Wars character. Kara is trying to calm Gabe down.}
Old Woman: Oh! A little space warrior!
Gabe: Ma'am.
Kara: Honey...
Gabe: No. I can't let this go.

Panel 2

{Gabe leans in, covers Gabe Juniors ears and begins lecturing the neighbor. Kara is extremely embarrassed.}
Gabe: He's not a space warrior, or a storm trooper, or a robot, or any of that shit. Your whole block is retarded. He's a null. Alright? One of the first batches of clones, deemed too unstable by the Kaminoans. They were supposed to be destroyed, but were instead adopted by Kal Skirata under the Mandalorian practice of Gai Bal Manda. You ignorant witch.

Panel 3

{They are moving on to the next house.}
Gabe Jr: Daddy, are we going to get any candy?
Gabe: You don't want her candy, son. It's dumb candy. It'll make you stupid.

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