Stark Comparisons

Cast: A Blood Elf, an Undead, and an Orc.

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Panel 1

{An Orc and an undead are standing across from a Blood Elf, talking.}
Orc: Blood elf, huh? What's your deal?
Blood Elf: Well, I'm resistant to all forms of magic. I am ridiculously good at enchanting. Sometimes, I'll enchant something and then forget I even enchanted it.

Panel 2

Blood Elf: Oh, and I can also drain a spellcaster's mana, and use it to explode in a torrent of arcane power.
Orc: Wow, that's... Well, I'm pretty good with a bow, and Chuck here can hold his breath! Can't you, Chuck?
Undead: I can hold my breath for a long time. Super long.

Panel 3

Blood Elf: Yeah, no... That's awesome. You guys are, like... really awesome.
Orc: So, do you want to hang out? Or...
Blood Elf: No. I should probably return to my breathtaking magical city.

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