Unlikely Marriages

Cast: Girl, Orc, Tweety Bird, Ken Masters, Octopus, Fievel

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Kingdom Hearts triggers a flurry of other strange collaborations.

Panel 1

{Girl is stood while an orc with an axe creeps up behind her. Box at top.}
Box: Mattel and Blizzard unite for World Of Mallcraft - seek out the magical Card of Endless Credit with your friends online in the first MMORPDSG. Guide Barbie, Skipper and their friends from Generation Girl through an expansive subterranean mall packed with vintage clothes, cute boys, and deadly Orcs.

Panel 2

{Scene change. Tweety Bird is avoiding Ken's flaming uppercut. Box at top.}
Box: Capcom Vs. Looney Toons 2001: Loonageddon. It's time to settle the score! It's an all-out slug-fest when two unlikely universes collide in this battle of epic proportions!

Panel 3

{Scene change. Fievel is stood with his arms crossed. A red octopus is grabbing him. Box at top.}
Box: Look out, Cacodemons: There's a new mouse in town. Don Bluth joins forces with id Software to spawn The Ultimate Tail 3: Fievel Goes To Hell.

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