Brutal Diplomacy

Cast: Gabe, Ken

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Panel 1

{Gabe is at a Best Buy talking to a Best Buy employee, Ken.}
Gabe: You have Little Big Planet, but you won't sell it? Why?
Ken: I don't want to lose my job.

Panel 2

{Gabe reaches for the register, Ken bodily blocks him.}
Gabe: You don't have to. I'll do it. How do you work this thing? I'll punch this shit up.
Ken: No! Don't touch that! Just come back next week, when it's out!

Panel 3

{Gabe has his arms in the air, Ken is skeptical.}
Gabe: Then you leave me no choice. Now, I have to do karate to you.
Ken: Do you even know karate?
Gabe: I know techniques that have certain elements which have been described - by some - as "karate-like."

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