Safety In The Workplace

Cast: Player ("First"), New Guy, Player ("Second")

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{First is waving over to New Guy's silhouette as he falls off a cliff.}
First: Hey look, it's the new guy. Hey, New Guy!

Panel 2

{New Guy's silhouette falls down and hits the cliff, about to land in a furnace. First and Second are off panel.}
First: Oh! Oh Shit! Oh my God... Owf! Unh... That's... That's terrible... Oh! And then the furnace!
Second: Oh jeez. That's not right.

Panel 3

{First and Second are stood facing each other.}
First: A friend of mine works at Sears, and he says they've got no moving platforms or open furnaces.
Second: That's the one in the mall, there?
First: Plus, they've got a microwave.

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