Cast: Sam Fisher, Guy, Officer

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[This comic takes place within the story of the game "Splinter Cell: Double Agent"]

Panel 1

{Sam Fisher and a fellow prisoner are in a cell together, facing each other. Sam has a device on his back thats glowing green.}
Guy: They check my asshole every day for hidden cigarettes, but for some reason they let you keep your futuristic personal sonar device.
Guy: Why is that?
Guy: Maybe I'll ask this guard about your magical danger sensor.

Panel 2

{Officer Johnson enters the scene and Fisher's device glows yellow. The prisoners both turn to face the officer.}
Guy: Hey, this guy-
Sam: [interrupts] I just saw him stuff a box of Camels up his ass.
Officer: Really.

Panel 3

{Sam and the prisoner face each other again, Sam Fisher now smiling, his device back to glowing green, while his inmate is freaking out. Officer Johnson gets his walkie-talkie out.}
Guy: What? No! He's got future toys! This is a computer on his back!
Officer: Johnson here. We've got a pack rat, over.
Officer: Somebody gas up The Spreader.

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