Third Base!

Cast: Man, Geralt

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Panel 1

{Man and Geralt are stood facing each other. The man is pointing at Geralt.}
Man: You can't possibly be The Witcher.
Geralt: Why not?
Man: It's like this. Someone can bewitch, or be bewitched, and if it doesn't take the first time, you can even rewitch. But you can't just witch.

Panel 2

{Zoom out. The man and Geralt are now silhouettes.}
Geralt: Well, what about The Witching Hour? Doesn't that name imply that, during that hour at least, witching might occur? They don't call it "The Bewitching Hour."
Man: That hour is for witches, to go around bewitching. You're not even a witch.

Panel 3

{Zoom back in. The man is no longer pointing.}
Geralt: I'll have you know I come from a long line of witches, each one witcher than the last.
Man: So you're not The Witcher at all, then. You're The Witchest.

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