The Other Belmonts

Cast: Woman, Ralph Belmont, Woman, Mitch Belmont, Nigel Belmont

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Panel 1

{Ralph has his arms around two women. He is looking at the audience. Headline at top.}
Headline: Ralph Belmont. Dracula Stole His Bride, But It's Okay.
Ralph: It was always "Ralph, milk the cows. Ralph, save me from Dracula." This actually worked out really well for me.

Panel 2

{Scene change. Mitch is stood facing the audience. Headline at top.}
Headline: Mitch Belmont. Whip-Averse.
Mitch: Yeah, I just never got into the whole "whip" thing.

Panel 3

{Scene change. Nigel is stood with his hand raised slightly. A picture of Dracula in the background. Headline at top.}
Headline: Nigel Belmont. Might Be Gay.
Nigel: Dracula? Kill him? I think they should clone him. Darling, he's fabulous!

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