The Land Down Under

Cast: Boss, Bob

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Panel 1

{Boss and Bob are stood facing each other. Employee has his hands in the air.}
Bob: Sir! There's these rumors about Xbox units failing. They're all over the Internet!
Boss: Wait, you lost me. Internet?

Panel 2

{Boss indicates "stop" with his hand. Bob lowers his hands slightly.}
Bob: Well, yeah. There's these computers, and...
Boss: {interrupts} No, wait. You lost me again. Bottom-line it for me, Bob: Don't we own it?
Bob: No. can't own the internet.

Panel 3

{Boss points at Bob. Bob lowers his hands.}
Boss: Son, that's what they said about Australia.
Bob: We don't own Australia, either.
Boss: Well, Jesus Christ. What the hell do you do all day?

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