The Inconvenience Fairy

Cast: Kid, Fairy

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Kid is holding the Final Fantasy XI box. Fairy has poofed into existance.}
Kid: {excited} Oh boy! I can't wait to start playing Final Fantasy XI with all my friends!
Fairy: Not so fast, kid. Let me tell you about World Passes.
Kid: World Passes? What are those?

Panel 2

{Kid looks at Fairy as he hovers.}
Fairy: Oh, they're great. See, we put each one of your friends on a different world. Then, we make you level up all by yourself until you can afford a World Pass.
Kid: And those will let us play together?

Panel 3

{Kid starts to cry.}
Fairy: Kinda. It just lets you make a new character on their server. So they'll be Level 10, and you'll be Level Retarded. They aren't gonna want to play with you anymore.
Kid: {sad} So... I'll never see my friends again.
Fairy: Well, I don't want to say never. But not in, like, a billion years.

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