Hoochie Coochie Man

Cast: Interviewer, Employee

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Interviewer is leaning over the wall. Employee is sat on a computer chair, facing his computer. Box at top.}
Box: Meanwhile, In Nintendo's Porn Division...
Interviewer: So, I mean... What is your job, exactly?
Employee: We monitor porn sites for illegal use of our precious trademarks.

Panel 2

Employee: For example, this morning I was admiring the troubled beauties at Suicide Girls, dark angels from my most beautiful nightmare visions.
Interviewer: Hot.
Employee: It was. But then I noticed that someone had used the word "Metroid." Well, I zipped up and sent that son of a bitch a cease and desist.

Panel 3

Interviewer: Wow. You must really like your job.
Employee: Some days, I don't even take a lunch.

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