Welcome To Camp Terror

Cast: Tycho, Charles, Gabe

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Tycho's and Charles's silhouettes are sat facing Gabe's silhouette. A fire is between them. Gabe has his hands raised slightly.}
Gabe: On the game's release day, the man into the stoooore. He showed the lady his pre-sell ticket - and she said "Noooo! We have no record of that pre-sell ticket!" And he said, you've got to be fucking kidding meeee. And she said, "Noooo! And We're completely sold out! Wooooooo!"

Panel 2

{Zoom in. Charles is holding his Macintosh closely. Tycho is pointing at Gabe. Gabe is holding a pre-sell ticket.}
Gabe: That man... Was meeeeeeee!
Tycho: {scared} It's not true... Say it's not true!

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