Cast: Witch, Skeleton, Ghost, Gabe, Tycho

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Witch, Skeleton and Ghost are looking up at Gabe's silhouette in the doorway.}
Gabe: Shut up and listen to my scary story. Seven years ago today, a man started playing Final Fantasy VII in this very room.

Panel 2

{Panel pans behind the children. Gabe is holding a torch and is looking at the kids evilly.}
Gabe: He had been playing for twenty-five hours when he realized that there was no room on his saaaaaave caaaaaaard!
Ghost: No!
Skeleton: You have to check first!
Witch: I always keep two!

Panel 3

{Zoom out slightly. Gabe's silhouette has his arms in the air. Tycho is coming out of the door. The kids are running away.}
Gabe: Some say that his ghost still stalks these halls, seeking free space wherever he can... OH NO, IT'S HIM!
Tycho: Must... Save... Before I fight Jenova!
Witch + Ghost + Skeleton: AAAAAAAAHH!

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