I Swear To God

Cast: Tycho

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Panel 1

{Tycho is sat on a chair holding a glass of wine. He is looking around suspiciously.}

Panel 2

{Tycho looks towards the audience.}
Tycho: Alright. So, last night. Gabe's playing UT for two hours. He's got these friends back at the flag named Earthquake and Demise, right? He's got this bitter rivalry going with a red guy named Harlequin. He never dies once, captures the flag every time, he's got like seven hundred points.

Panel 3

{Tycho raises his hand in humour.}
Tycho: So, I try to join him on that server. I'm like, "Buddy, there's no-one else there." And he's like, "Bullshit, I've been playing with these guys all day." So I ask him what their pings are. They're all zero. He's been playing with bots the whole time! Not just playing with them, now - talking to them! Congratulating them! He thought they were just shy!

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