Everyone Else Seems To Like It

Cast: Man, Man #2, Gabe

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Panel 1

{Two men are stood facing Gabe, who in turn is pointing at himself with his thumb. Two boxes at top.}
Man: So, what was your favorite part?
Box: I can't let these guys know how much I hate Kingdom Hearts.
Gabe: I hate Kingdom Hearts.
Box: Shit!

Panel 2

{Gabe waves and takes his hand out of his pocket. Two boxes at top.}
Box: Alright, Damage Control.
Gabe: I love Kingdom Hearts.
Box: Well-played.
Man: Huh?

Panel 3

{The two men back away slightly. Gabe points with his finger. Three boxes at top.}
Box: Uh-oh.
Box: Think of something! Fast!
Gabe: Hair!
Box: That may have been too fast.

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