The Sound Of Crickets

Cast: Man, Bob

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Panel 1

{Man is on the phone, holding a torch which is on, and wearing a party hat.}
Man: Hey, Jim... We're having our Midnight Madness N-Gage sale-a-bration tonight, and since you're the only one that pre-ordered we were really hoping you could come.

Panel 2

{Man looks behind himself by shifting his eyes.}
Man: Oh, you didn't mean to... you didn't mean to pre-order it.

Panel 3

{Bob arrives with salsa and a cracker. Bob, too, is wearing a party hat.}
Man: You're not going to come then? No, it's cool don't worry about it. Us? Oh, we're having a blast. Bob made salsa, and somebody said a girl might come, soo...

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