Optimus Rhyme CD.

Optimus Rhyme CD is an album featuring several of Optimus Rhyme's tracks. It is priced at $15.99.

Store Description Edit

The First Album of PAX Musical Super Guest, Optimus Rhyme!

The year was 2000. The Wackacons had invaded the Emerald City. Parties grew listless and nightclubs suffered greatly under the Wackacons' ever-growing influence. Repetitive loop manufacturers, lackluster DJs and angst-filled metal pushers aligned with the Wackacons and quickly flourished in our once-great city. It was later that year when fate brought five independently minded Autobeat technicians together. Instantly, their positronic brainpaths fused. Within weeks, laid-back progressive hiphop beats were mixed with brutally brain-teasing rhymes. It is the primary objective of Optimus Rhyme to rid the world of Wackacon oppressors.

Optimus Rhyme blends live beats with interstellar rhymes creating a sound that can most closely be compared to the music of Deltron 3030 and Kool Keith. MCs Wheelie Cyberman and Broken English trade off rhymes which weave personal experiences into the fictitious lives and adventures of the AutoBeat robots. The lyrical and vocal skills of these master storytellers combine with Optimus Rhyme's live instrumentation (featuring guitar, bass, drums and a taste of turntables) to transport the listener to very different world, one which you will not want to leave.

Musical guests for PAX 2004, 2005 and 2006!

Tracks Edit

  1. Reboot
  2. Cybernetic Circuits
  3. Reel Estate
  4. DJ Slaylord
  5. Powder Blue Egg Hatch
  6. Incognito
  7. Ford vs. Chevy
  8. Precognito
  9. Fuzzy Dice
  10. Organix
  11. No Memory
  12. Jz75
  13. Transform
  14. Slippery
  15. I Heart PuBotCs
  16. 3cognito
  17. Precogni2
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