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Penny Arcade is the extremely successful webcomic drawn by Mike Krahulik and written by Jerry Holkins, although both have an input over the script itself and how the comic should be drawn. It features the two comic characters Johnathan "Gabe" Gabriel and Tycho Brahe, two gamers who have a need to kill each other every so often for a Pac-Man Watch.

The comic debuted on November 18, 1998 with new updates appearing every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, although when it started, that was not the case. They celebrated their 10th anniversary on November 18, 2008.

Penny Arcade Website

They currently use the typeface Blambot Casual for their lettering.

On August 27, 2009, the website was given a major face lift featuring a new look with a new comic archive and search listings.

The first PA comic before the website change and after the change.

The new change also brought along higher resolution comics. It also made old comics have speech

bubbles instead of lines. This applied to some old comics, but not all comics with lines.

When an upcoming comic is scheduled, occasionally, Gabe will start a live show on Ustream. In his live show, he shows the making of one comic. He normally will alert fans by using his Twitter, or if it's a special comic, he will alert fans by the Penny Arcade website using news posting.

The Comic[]

Both Mike and Jerry make a living from Penny Arcade, unsurprisingly, which places them in a very small group of webcomic artists devoted to their creation full-time. They make money comic-wise off of merchandise and the PA Presents segment.

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News Posts[]

With the comic there is always a budding news post to go with it, most often being written by Jerry. It explains the point of the comic and also gives a detailed analysis of the games which they may or may not be playing at the time. They sometimes have updates with merchandise, such as a new shirt or the upcoming information on the next book. Events such as PAX and the many cons they go to are at many times posted.

The posts are often humorous and intellectual, or at least are made to seem that way.


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