Dr. Raven Darktalon Blood.

Penny Arcade Dr. Raven Darktalon Blood Limited Edition Laser Cel is a limited edition cel that is being sold in the Penny Arcade Store. It is limited to three per person. It is priced at $80.00.

Store Description Edit

Dr. Raven Darktalon Blood In: The Librarium

This impeccably produced limited edition cel depicts the (as yet, completely undescribed) battle between The Good Doctor and Libram, curator of Hell's Librarium. In that terrible place that keeps all dark secrets, Dr. Raven Darktalon Blood seeks out the true location of his stolen love, lost in Hell's six hundred and sixty-six twisting lairs... The run is limited to 750 prints total, only 600 of which will be made available online.

These cels are mounted with a double dark red and black mat. Each cel includes a laser-etched Penny Arcade medallion with a unique print number and a signature card mounted on the bottom.

  • Print dimensions: 12" x 18"
  • Matted dimensions: 18" x 24"
  • Ready to frame!

Laser Cels are a lithograph technology where the image is actually printed on industrial grade Mylar. Unlike traditional animation cels and paper; Mylar will not fade, chip, crack or deteriorate. Additionally, this synthetic is immune to heat, light and moisture. However, similar to its counterparts, images printed using this process still retail the same high quality and brilliant colors found in any animated cell. To complete the presentation and further define each piece as collectible, the Laser Cell prints are mounted in a double mat. Each print has a uniquely numbered laser etched medallion, as well as a signature card embedded within the mat itself. The result is a limited edition, pre-matted print that excels in beauty and quality.

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