Penny Arcade Expo 2004 (abbreviated to PAX 2004) was the very first Penny Arcade Expo ever. It was announced on April 12, 2004 by Mike Krahulik on behalf of both he and Jerry Holkins. It was held from August 28 to August 29, 2004 in Bellevue, Washington.

1337 Edit

In a bizarre turn of fate, exactly 1337 pre-registered to go to the very first Penny Arcade Expo in existance. Jerry believed this to be a sign from the video game Gods as a blessing to it.

Omegathon Edit

The twenty pre-registered contestants took part in the very first Omegathon; a battle to the death. It ended with Sean Celaya taking home the prize after he defeated Kevin Potter in combat.

Games Edit

  • Diceland
  • Dance Dance Revolution
  • Doom (PC)
  • Halo (Xbox)
  • Mario Kart: Double Dash!! (GameCube)
  • PONG

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