Penny Arcade TV, (PATV) is Penny Arcade's web channel about Penny Arcade and other relating events. The channel was introduced on November 23, 2009 by Mike Krahulik on a post on the website. With the help of 2 Player Productions, they were able to start it. The first episode, Pilot, came as two parts, and were both released on the same day. In the episode, it is shown of Penny Arcade's crew and staff going about with their daily business along with background information about the various events going on. They currently host one show, Penny Arcade: The Series, and another, Blamimation, to be coming soon. PATV content is released every Friday, with Penny Arcade: The Series to air three times in a month and at least one Blamimation a month.

Penny Arcade: The Series Edit

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Penny Arcade: The Series is the main show that display the various things that go on in the daily life of Penny Arcade. The episodes each provide background information to more than just the Penny Arcade, but include events such as gaming tournaments, Penny Arcade Expo, and other various information. Many which, to the regular fan, do not know. The series is in which of a "behind the scenes" format that depict on events that are not typically known.

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Episodes of Penny Arcade: The Series are to be aired on once on Fridays three times in a month. 

Episode: Season 1 Episode Name: Airing Date: Description:

Episodes Edit

1 Pilot Part 1 11/23/2009

Mike and Jerry introduce themselves and give background information towards how they met and how Penny Arcade came to be. PAX 2009 is also shown with the same info also.

2 Pilot Part 2 11/23/2009

Part 2 of the first Pilot episode. Jerry and his wife have a baby during PAX 2009 and have the baby at the hospital. While at the hospital, Scott Kurtz, mentions how both ironically had a baby during PAX 2009 and how they "should have kept it in their pants." Jerry returns to PAX, only to describe the "most fucked up morning" he had.

3 The Office 12/12/2009 A daily day with the Penny Arcade crew. Interviews are made with Robert Khoo, Kiko, and others about what and why they work at Penny Arcade. It is also mentioned that Khoo and Kiko have a friendly rivalry with each other with some activities. Ping-pong, gaming, and even sweatpants are shown in this episode.

Blamimation Edit

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Information about Blamimation as of now, is very little. It is said to be by Michael and Jerry as an animated short from Scott Kurtz and Kris Straub.

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On one Friday once in a month. Because of months that do not have four Fridays, it will most likely be published on a same day as the Penny Arcade: The Series or on a separate day of the week.

Strip SearchEdit


Strip Search is "reality TV" aimed at discovering the next webcomic artist to be featured on the Penny Arcade web site.


Episodes of Strip Search air each Friday and Tuesday.

Episodes Edit

Episode Season 1 Episode Name Airing Date Description
1 Artists Assemble 03/01/2013 Twelve Artists gather in Seattle, meeting each other and discovering where they will be living during the competition.
2 Fax Machine 03/05/2013 The Artists have met and beds have been claimed, now it's time for them all to get to know each other a little bit better and size up the competition.
3 Burning That Bridge 03/08/2013 Time has come for the Artists to face their first real challenge and see who has what it takes to make it through to the end.
4 Elimination #1 03/12/2103 The two Artists chosen for elimination go and meet the Creators and battle to see who has earned the right to continue on in this competition.
5 Ducks 03/15/2013 This time the Artists get to go outside for an adventure and learn more about the city where one of them will soon reside.
6 Pressing Buttons 03/19/2013 After taking a little field trip to learn more about Seattle the Artists must now learn a little more about themselves through the eyes of someone new.
7 Elimination #2 03/22/2013 Two more Artists come face to face with the Creators and present their skills to see who can save themselves and return to the competition.
8 Drawing Blind 03/26/2013 At the start of day three, the Artists have to look at their craft in an entirely new way.
9 You Are Your Brand 03/29/2013 The Artists put their personal identity to the test.

Episodes are currently being released twice a week.

Penny Arcade TV FAQ Edit

Copied straight off the Penny Arcade TV FAQ page.

  • What’s the difference between PATV and Penny Arcade: The Series?

PATV is the channel, whereas PA:TS is the first show on the channel. There are other shows coming!

  • Is there a release schedule for this stuff?

Content on PATV will be released every Friday. The current schedule has three PA:TS episodes and one Blamimation per month

  • What’s a Blamimation?

Blamimations are a series of animated shorts from our friends Scott Kurtz and Kris Straub.

  • Where can I get the music in the show?

Below every video you can find links to the artists that allowed us to use their work. They are awesome.

  • Are you planning on releasing longer episodes?

We think the 8-10 minute length is right for the web, so that’s what we’ll be sticking with.

  • Are you coming out with a DVD release once the season is over?


  • What if I want my show to be on PATV?

We’re not actively taking submissions, but feel free to email

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