Porkfry is a friend of Johnathan Gabriel and Tycho Brahe based on real life. He is known for his violent tendancies and wanting to kill Tycho. He might have an aversion to Dairy Queen. Pork has a nose ring and a shaved head. His real name in-comic is unknown, but outside of the comic he is Greg Hjertager. He has a twitter, and are friends of Mike and Jerry on there. It isn't told much about his relationship, but on the Penny Arcade Podcast, it was reveled by Mike and Jerry that he has a wife and at least one daughter when they talked about when Pork was going to babysit Gabriel Krahulik which, frightened both because of specifically how he's like to solve everything with a knife and his ADHD. The two problems were mentioned before the podcast, in comic form, which may speculate that everything mentioned in the comics about Pork, may apply in real life.

Medical Issues Edit

In "Leaf-Eyed Sons Of Bitches", it was revealed that Porkfry is color-blind, hence why he cannot play Meteos at a great level.

In "Of Dice And Men", it was joked that Porkfry has multiple personality disorder.

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