Readiation is a small convention that takes place annually that salutes all the reading novels.

History Edit

Mr. Valgariad invited both L. H. Franzibald and Tycho Brahe to the Readiation. The two graciously accepted as they like to be worshipped, but their rivalry was huge, so much so that Franzibald whipped Valgariad as punishment.

At the convention, Franzibald and Tycho noticed that the book series, The Song of the Sorcelator, had several more fans than the Epic Legends of the Hierarchs: The Elemenstor Saga, which only had one fan. The fan tried to shoot Franzibald, but Johnathan Gabriel jumped in the way, saving Franzibald, much to his disgust as his shirt was ruined by fanboy blood.

Tycho then shot Gabe for reading the dreaded Song of the Sorcelator rather than his own book series.

Filmography Edit

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