Ripped From Today's Headlines was a storyline that spanned five comics in the Penny Arcade continuity.

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Tycho finishes playing Splinter Cell, when he decides to try out one of the moves on Brenna, despite her telling him not to. He does so, which, unfortunately, ends her life as she cracks her head on the table. Suddenly, there is a knock at the door, and it is Bob Greasy, the attorney at law, who convinces Tycho to sue the video game makers.

As they sit down at the table, Bob then decides that Tycho should look at the bigger picture, and sue France, as Ubisoft is a part of France. Tycho starts to get into the act, and demands that France be punished for their crimes against nature.

In court, it turns out that Gabe is the defendant of France, and believes he has an excellent case for the country. Tycho is mocking him during.

Gabe and France lose the case, and Tycho inherits twenty million dollars as his prize; the total he wanted originally. It turns out that, in his grief, he paid a scientist all the money for a cybernetic replica of his wife; but the scientist gave him a bucket with roller-skates.

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