Someone Is Projecting

Cast: Man, Guy, Dude

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{Man is being attacked by jellyfish. Guy is holding a scorpion and is crying. Dude has several bees in his mouth, as one flies away. Boxes placed in seperate areas.}
Box: Alex "Marweas" Rodberg got feisty over at RelicNews, declaring that wading hip-deep in forum bullshit was beneath him. Too bad that's your fucking job, huh?
Box: Imagine a guy who gets stung by jellyfish all day.
Box: Maybe he has to pet scorpions.
Box: Maybe he has to eat bees. These are not good jobs! But if you take a job like that, do you get to complain about it?
Dude: A bee stung my mouth.
Box: Yeah! Because you took a job eating bees!

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