Part Two: Resolution

Cast: Div, Bob

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Div is sat on a chair.}
Div: Hey, I'm Div. And I do believe it's time for my medicine!

Panel 2

{Div starts drinking from a Jack Daniels bottle.}

Panel 3

{Div continues drinking, bottle gets emptier.}

Panel 4

{Div continues drinking, bottle very empty.}

Panel 5

{Div falls off his chair and points to the ceiling.}
Div: HO-LEE SHIT! Do you challenge me to a duel, sir?

Panel 6

{Div gets onto his chair and points at Bob. Div is holding a broken Jack Daniels bottle.}
Div: Alright, which one of you perverts stole my pants?
Bob: You... Sir, you didn't have any...
Div: Oh, how convenient!

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