Assume The Worst

Cast: Man, Tycho

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Man is scanning the compact flash over the conveyor belt. Tycho is stood in front of Man, holding his wallet and taking out money.}
Man: So! What'll you be using this compact flash for?
Tycho: {sarcastically} Oh, I don't know. Maybe use it to store data?

Panel 2

{Man lowers his arm and puts the compact flash away. Tycho puts his hand on the belt.}
Man: Hey, you don't need to be rude.
Tycho: And you don't need to interrogate me about my shit!

Panel 3

{Tycho puts his wallet away as his eyes start to pop out.}
Man: Look, man... I was just asking what you were gonna do with it.
Tycho: I'm going to lodge it in your esophagus.

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