Lest Ye Be Judged

Cast: Marche Radiuju, Montblanc, Ritz Malheur

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Panel 1

{Marche is stood facing Montblanc and Ritz. March has his hand raised slightly.}
Marche: The judge says we can't use swords, magic, or items in this battle. He recommended staves instead. I don't know what those are. Everybody just... look through your stuff, see if you have any of those.
Ritz: How will we know?

Panel 2

{Marche lowers his hand. Montblanc pulls out a staff.}
Marche: It'll probably say "Stave" somewhere on it.
Montblanc: I've got this thing.

Panel 3

{Montblanc flips the staff upside down. Ritz looks at Marche angrily.}
Marche: That's a staff, though.
Montblanc: Wait... What if I hold like this?
Marche: OKay. That is totally a stave.

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