Cast: Satan, Employee, Soldier

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Panel 1

{Satan and an employee are grinning as they shake hands. Box at top.}
Box: Hot on the heels of McDonald's and Intel product placements in The Sims Online, EA inks an historic deal.

Panel 2

{Scene change. A soldier is walking through the desert. Thirst bar at the bottom-left. Box at top.}
Box: Battlefield 1942's Patch 1.2s will introduce the innovative new Thirst Bar.
Soldier: Ach, Mein Thirsten!

Panel 3

{The soldier stands in front of a Sprite machine. Thirst bar increases. Two boxes at the top.}
Box: Player who do not obey their thirst at convenient Sprite Machines will become parched, and their team will lose.
Box: Note here how the crisp, clean taste of Lymon quenches completely.

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