Cast: Man, Scott Rosenberg

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Panel 1

{Man is sat in front of Scott, holding a notepad and pencil.}
Scott: It is our company's bold vision to bring comics to the Cyber Web.
Man: Wait. Didn't you just acquire a company that was already doing that?

Panel 2

{Zoom into Scott. Scott points at man. Man is off panel.}
Scott: Well, it was our bold vision to acquire their bold vision. Which is still pretty bold. In fact, I'd say its twice as bold.

Panel 3

{Zoom out. Man is writing on his notepad. Scott lowers his hand.}
Man: Isn't it true that there are already comics online? I mean, we're in a comic right now.
Scott: True - but they aren't being fucked, leastways not by us.
Man: Ah. This explains your ninety-ten revenue split.

Panel 4

{Scott raises his hand slightly.}
Scott: Oh ho! Ho! No, no, no. It's ten percent of the adjusted gross revenue on a portion of profits.
Man: What does that mean, exactly?
Scott: It means "grease your little cornholes."

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  • The interviewer breaks the fourth wall, stating that the two characters are discussing the topic within a comic.

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