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Cast: Spirit, Fox McCloud

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Panel 1

{Fox is stood in Dinosaur Land in front of the spirit. Fox is signalling a thumbs up.}
Spirit: To save our world, you must collect the remaining Krazoa spirits - and the mystical spell stones!
Fox: Spirits and stones. See you in a bit.

Panel 2

Spirit: Wait, there's more! You'll also need various gems, scarabs, fuel cells, special roots, seeds, nuts... Bafmodads.
Fox: Bafmodads? Now you're just making shit up.
Spirit: No, serious! The planet needs this stuff!

Panel 3

{Fox walks into the foreground and shows his middle finger to the spirit.}
Fox: I'm going to leave now.
Spirit: Wait! The planet also needs a Sourdough Jack!
Fox: Fuck you.
Spirit: No tomatoes! The planet hates tomatoes!

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