Censorship Made Easy

Cast: Sam Brownback, Man

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The Truth In Video Game Rating Act Is A Three Step Plan To Dissolve The ESRB and Assert Federal Dominance Over All Electronic Entertainment.
Here's how!

Panel 1

{Sam and Man are stood facing each other. Man has his hands raised slightly. Box at top.}
Box: First, create an impossible set of rules that no regulatory body could possibly execute.
Sam: From now on, you have to play entirely through every game, all the time, forever.
Man: What about games with infinite replayability, or ones that include procedurally generated content?
Sam: I don't understand anything you just said.

Panel 2

{Sam and Man are facing the audience, looking at each other. Sam has his arm around Man's back, with the other hand raised slightly. Box at top.}
Box: Second, test them on their ability to complete these impossible tasks.
Sam: So, how's it coming? Did you play through every game ever released?
Man: I'm telling you, we can't! What about user created content? Map packs? What about Easter Eggs?
Sam: You've got a lot of work to do.
Sam: If you really want to paint eggs, you can do it on your own time.

Panel 3

{Man leaves. Sam has his hand raised high, signalling the "next" sign. Two boxes at top.}
Box: Third, based on those findings, create an "independent" (i.e., Federally Managed) body to do the work instead.
Box: Congratulations! You've just destroyed the ESRB.
Sam: God, I'm glad those assholes are gone.
Sam: Alright, bring in the lobbyists.

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