Essential Learnings

Cast: Annarchy, Gabe

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Panel 1

{Annarchy is sat at the computer. Gabe is stood looking down at her.}
Annarchy: Thanks for letting me try WoW, Gabe. I know Tycho doesn't approve. He doesn't want me to mix with "the wrong sort."
Gabe: Oh, they're in there. You just gotta be smart, is all. Let's say you see a hot night elf. Your first instinct is to send them some dirty chat.

Panel 2

{Annarchy looks up at Gabe.}
Annarchy: Obviously.
Gabe: Nine times out of ten? That chick? Dude.
Annarchy: Devious!
Gabe: Sometimes these dudes will tell you they're chicks. And you'll send them something filthy, like about their ears and stuff?
Gabe: But it's really a guy, and they post your whole conversation on the boards.
Annarchy: Scandalous.

Panel 3

Gabe: It happened to a guy I know. It happens a lot.
Annarchy: It sounds like an epidemic.
Gabe: Look, I don't know what that means. But it happens all the time.

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