Arms Aren't Even That Cool

Cast: Guy, Dog

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Guy looks towards the audience and raises both hands slightly, counting on his fingers.}
Guy: Enchanted Arms is terrible. It's just an RPG with a linear story, strung together by random, turn-based battles where your characters increase in power. Blech.

Panel 2

{Guy pulls out a cupcake and holds it, looking at it.}
Guy: Cupcakes are dumb. They're not big, like a regular cake. They're small and covered in frosting.
Guy: What, are those sprinkles? I was tired of sprinkles when they were putting them on cookies.

Panel 3

{Dog arrives and sits next to Guy, looking at audience. Guy folds his arms and looks at dog.}
Guy: Dog, huh? You're not a cat. Why would anyone like a stupid dog like you? All you do is bark. You never meow.

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