What The Girls Call Murder

Cast: Pork, Brad, Gabe

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Pork and Brad are stood facing Gabe outside.}
Pork: Where's Tycho?
Gabe: I guess he couldn't come.
Brad: But it's Guy's Night Out!
Gabe: I know what fucking night it is!

Panel 2

{Pork pulls out a knife with a "thwip".}
Pork: I think we should fucking kill him.
Gabe: Look, we're not going to kill him.
Pork: Just fucking kill him! Kill him.
Gabe: No, alright? Jesus. We're not killing him.

Panel 3

Pork: {disappointed} We never do what I want to do.
Gabe: Listen. If you wanted to go to Dairy Queen or something, fine, let's go. But no. You always want to fucking kill people. You never just want a Blizzard.

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