Home City, USA

Cast: Gabe, Tycho

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Gabe is sat on the couch. Tycho is stood behind the couch, looking down at Gabe.}
Tycho: Have you heard about Home Cities in Age of Empires 3?
Gabe: {hopeful} Yeah.
Tycho: Really?

Panel 2

{Gabe puts his face in his hands in fear.}
Gabe: {scared} No. I thought if I moved fast, I could avoid what sounded like a very boring conversation.
Tycho: Well, you fucked it up. Now you get the long version.
Gabe: What?
Tycho: With slides.

Panel 3

{Panels darkens, with a slide light coming across the panel. Gabe's eyes start bleeding. Tycho is holding a switch.}
Tycho: All peoples come from somewhere. But where? In Age of Empires 3, that place is your Home City.
Tycho: If you scream again, I'll start over.

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