Forged in the heart of Mount Doom, Tavis Maiden competed in Strip Search.

High among the misty mountains, Tavis has been steadily working on webcomic projects since 2008. Starting with the long form action comic the Konamis. Since then he has begun working on new comics, and developed the hub site, Thunderskull Press, to keep up to date on news and projects.

The Co-creator of the action/adventure rock and roll spy romp, the Konamis. Started in 2008, written by Jack Crawford and drawn by Tavis Maiden, The Konamis are a rock and roll band of spies, who travel the world battling the evil minions of the amazing Doctor Thunderskull.

Tavis also does Stranger Danger. Stranger Danger is a full color slice of life, semi-autobiographical comic strip. Stranger Danger updates every Sunday.

Tavis Maiden is the originator of the Flying Grayson a maneuver that was developed and illustrated during the 3rd elimination of Strip Search.

Tavis is also a 1000 year old vampire.

Tavis has the Strip search tattoo on his left forearm.

The first thing Tavis did when he got home, was have sex with his wife.

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