The CTS Dojo is a Penny Arcade guild found in World of Warcraft.

Hierarchy Edit

  • Emperor: Eakers
  • Shoguns: Adrialla, Harbor, Kiprusoff, Lliam, Rinaldo
  • Daimyo: Adude, Amerdre, Amonfalar, Bruu, Eldoraan, Fizzbang, Ironeye, Jallasar, Moxxy, Ranmas, Smithwick, Veela

Description Edit

They are a laid back social guild that enjoys company and helping their fellow guild members out, but they can keep up with the hardcore guilds. They even plan their own fun stuff. They are very loyal, and they love a good fight at any level. However, they are about honor, so they are very strict on their PvP rules. They have fun without torturing some little horde. It's not uncommon for them to go to some horde town and say, "FOR THE TUBE!" as they charge in with no regards for what's up ahead. To the horde, people mostly refer to them as gods.

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