The Fall of the House of Brahe was a halloween comic written by Jerry Holkins and drawn by Mike Krahulik. It is a homage to everything Halloween and also The Twilight Zone.

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FedEx arrive to deliver a letter to Tycho Brahe, which Johnathan Gabriel takes via scaring the postman. It turns out that Tycho's great-grandfather, Alleister Brahe, just died and is leaving his haunted mansion, The House of Brahe, to him.

The duo arrive at the House, with Gabe becoming slightly worried, but Tycho is getting used to it. He warns Gabe not to break anything as they search through the area. Tycho then finds a hidden passageway behind a bookshelf.

They find a strange liquid substance in a test tube, which Tycho drinks for a bet. Unfortunately, the liquid changes Tycho's mind so that he is not a gamer, which freaks out Gabe, causing him to run away in fear. He meets up with an undead male, which does not help, and soon a headless knight.

In an attempt to save Tycho, Gabe enters the basement once again and makes a potion, which he gives to Tycho. He drinks and turns into a three-eyed beast who likes games.

The entire comic turns out to be a part of The Twilight Zone.

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