The Jim Saga was a storyline that spanned three comics in the Penny Arcade continuity.

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Gabe decides that it is time to hook up the GameCube, and gets himself into excavation clothing. Although Tycho warns him of the dangers that lie behind the television, Gabe, nevertheless, enters the wirey scenario.

Shockingly, he finds their old roommate, Jim, in a skeletal form, trapped within the wires. After six years of believing that Jim had moved out, they finally realise the truth; he was trying to hook up the Nintendo 64, got trapped, and died.

Gabe plugs the GameCube in and sits next to Jim on the couch, remembering the past when Jim was around, believing him to be what "Penny Arcade lacks." Tycho reveals to Gabe that he has a strict "no skeleton" policy around the house, leaving Gabe without an idea for what to buy for Christmas.

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