Too Damn Late

Too Damn Late is a top television show hosted by Tycho Brahe with additional commentary by Johnathan Gabriel.

Show Synopsis Edit

As stated by the title, Too Damn Late takes place late at night when the children have gone to bed. It is completely uncut and everything is unrehearsed before it happens. Rarely, Gabe will play the guitar. They like to make sarcastic comments on the genres.

Recently, Tycho has got a change in clothing and now wears a suit rather than his traditional blue shirt.

Special guests are frequent. They've had Bruce Campbell on the show twice, an expert on dolphins and Yoshi with his magical Yoshi box.

Appearance Edit

To the left side of the show is a brown desk which Tycho sits behind. This is where he places his coffee mug and has access to his cue cards. There is a couch next to the desk which the guests and Gabe sit on.

In the background is the logo 'Too Damn Late' with a window looking out to the city landscape behind. The colours are mostly purple and a shade of blue combined.

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