Ty Halley competed in Strip Search. He was born to the coolest people alive, Jim James Joe Jackobs and Mary. He was raised in a Hippie Commune where creativity could be found around every corner. Art supplies were the currency of choice for the Hippies, and soon babby Ty amassed a small fortune. Once he had enough art supplies to afford a small apartment, he figured out the exchange rate and moved to A Big City.

Ty discovered that out in the Real World his art supplies would not buy him a hamburger, but what he could do with them- now THAT was a different story. Upon finding this out, Ty began to furiously study art like an immortal art ninja master tasked with becoming the next Da Vinci.

After years and years of hard work, Ty became the Super Awesome Artist Ruler of the World. The title comes with billions of dollars and lots of hot bitches. On some days, Ty looked outside of his Super Artist Private Plane and wistfully though back on the days when he was just a young art supply collector in a hippie commune.  But in a blink of an eye all of that changed in late December back in 63  Oh what a night.

"What a very special time for me," Ty was quoted as saying in a recent interview.  "As I remember what a night.  You know, I didn't even know her name.  But I was never going to be the sam

Artist recreation

e.  What a lady, what a night."

And what a night indeed.  The lady removed her skin suit to reveal a robotic interior of 32nd century design.  The very fabric of time was in peril, and only one man could save it.  Motherfucking Ty Halley n' shit.

So he did.

Now he just does a journal comic called The Secret Life of a Journal Comic . It deals with sex, pop culture, occasional recomendations to Google, inner dialogs and inner ear infections. It's ironic that he's only started writing about his life since it became much less interesting. It's not like "ray-hayn on your wedding day" ironic. More just peculiar I suppose.

"It's not real if someone else didn't write it. But ANYTHING someone else writes is real."

-Ty Halley in regards to wikipedia entries

Ty Halley is trapped in Ohio until the curse is broken

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